27 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Ganpati or Ganesh Festival - Pune, India

Lord Ganesha
These pictures and videos are from one the largest festival in India (and probably in the world), The Ganesh or Ganpati Festival. Ganpati is an elephant headed mythological Hindu god. Today it is celebrated in Public places, apartments, homes, schools, trains!! İt is celebrated in 10 days. (sometimes 11 or 12)

In these days, for the festival celebration, 515 Mandalas (stages) have been setted in every corner of Pune city. In 2010, these are Laxmi road 280, Tilak road 140, Kelkar Road 70, Kumptekar Road 25. 

one of mandals (stage)

This is me. :)

You can see idols in every mandals maden by dust paintings.

...and also there are many other mandals maden by native people in small sizes.

another mandala (stage)
this ship is maden by only biscuits and chocolate.

Festive Parade 

In the last day, for the celebration there is a big festive parade in the city. just see some of photos and videos about them.

at 10:30. people are walking to the temple

Shiva, Parvati and their son Ganesha.

people from other nations participated to the festival for peace and brotherhood.

This is me. :))
paintings by dust. they are incredible. but painters can easily paint it.

painters are painting.

old ladies are waiting the parade at the meeting point.

Rituals, Ceremonies

In these sacred days, people takes their lord ganesha idols away to the river side. thay sends them to river after some ceremonies. Ceremonies are like this.



and a man leaves the idols to river down. idols down but flowers up.

...From City

the day of the festival is holiday in India. you can hear voices all of its corners.

people sometimes gets crazy at celebration.

afternoon, cities situation.